40 people saved from Slavery

The International Justice Mission, also known as IJM, has been doing great work in combating human trafficking. Last week they rescued 40 people who were held in captivity for 6 years.

The article can be found here.

Everyday people are held in slavery around the world. Do your part by donating your time or money to a great organization.

More information can be found at IJM’s website.

The families were desperate to leave  where they had been trapped as slaves

P.S. sorry for the hiatus. I will be adding more sites, and local organizations in the future. I hope you are well!


Labor Day: Your work matters, but does everyone’s?

Labor Day, the last day of “summer” for all of the vacationers in the United States – what a great day to celebrate all those who work in the world.

We must ask our favorite companies to manage their supply chains more thoroughly. Many people do not feel that workers are important. Often in underprivileged societies there are many people that take advantage of others because of poor labor laws and a surplus of people.

In the Congo, kids mine for 12 hours a day, never being paid a single cent. They work until they die from either mines collapsing on them, trigger-happy militant groups, or lack of medicine. In China, the people who make our favorite electronics, including your and my computer/phone/video game console/camera, work with hazardous materials for 10 hours a day with one 5 minute bathroom break, and no sick days allowed, ever. Some even have to stand for that whole time with no option to sit!

Please show your appreciation of one another on this great week after Labor Day, and if you have a moment ask your congress people to hold companies accountable and your favorite companies to manage their supply chains with more consideration for the worker.

It is important to remember that we are one humanity, who has the option to live in peace, and share unconditional, infinite love.

Blood in the Mobile

If you did not know, there are many movies about slavery!

One movie that I want to watch, but have not got around to it, is Blood in the Mobile.

This movie talks about conflict minerals which are minerals mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo, aka DRC or the Congo, that are mined for our electronics. Usually the minerals are mined by slaves, and even child slaves. These mining businesses are run by violent militant groups that often commit mass rapes and murders on innocent civilians.

To learn more about this pressing issue you can check out Blood in the Mobile and the great nonprofit called the Enough Project which has a subsection called Raise Hope for Congo.



50th Anniversary of the March on Washington!

Today’s date marks one of the most influential days in American history.

50 years ago, people stood up for what they believed in, and made a difference together.

This was not done through hate or through violence, only through love.

That day the US people realized how far they have come, and how far they had to go, and yet the fight is still not over.

Let us continue to mold the United States into a more just society that is equal to all humans, including illegal immigrants and slaves.

20130828-112759.jpgHappy 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington! Spread peace, love, and justice!


Slave-made chocolate

Did you know that every time you bite into a delicious chocolate bar from your favorite chocolate company that does not have a “fair trade” you are possibly supporting slavery.

A great article to read is this: http://conflictandsecurity.com/blog/guilty-pleasure-slavery-and-child-labour-in-the-production-of-chocolate-2/

Enjoy your weekend and buy from your local store some fair trade chocolates. My favorite is Divine!

Sex Trafficking, Biggest Form in the US

Slavery within the US is very varied.

The largest form of slavery in the United States, is the same as in most countries in the world; it is sex trafficking.

The numbers are around 46%, but of course are always debatable from the secrecy of the industry. If that is true, the number of sexual slaves within the United States is around 80,000 people.  – http://www.berkeley.edu/news/media/releases/2004/09/23_16691.shtml

Many girls are prostitutes and are owned, and branded by pimps. Please spread the word that pimps, and the use of the word pimp is not okay.

Many traffickers have truckers as their favorite clientele. Truckers Against Trafficking, (TAT) is a great organization that informs many people about human trafficking.

Also, the Polaris Project is another phenomenal organization to keep checking for what is happening within the United States about trafficking. The Polaris Project has a lot of great resources if you are ever wanting to talk to your friends about the serious issue of human trafficking.



Slavery Within The United States!

“Slavery within the US? No, can’t be!”

“I thought we got rid of that in 1865!”

Well, the reality of  the situation is, there is massive amounts of slavery right now within the United States!

There are estimates of over 160,000 slaves right now.

And around 15,000 humans are trafficked each year into the US.

Some great sites for more information about slavery in the US are:

The CNN Freedom Project – http://thecnnfreedomproject.blogs.cnn.com/

The Polaris Project – http://www.polarisproject.org/

Ayuda – http://www.ayudainc.org/template/index.cfm

The Underground Railroad – http://freedomcenter.org/slavery-today

Free the Slaves – https://freetheslaves.net/SSLPage.aspx

Freedom Network – http://freedomnetworkusa.org/